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Creating awareness on the new iconic tool case of Hilti

Hilti is a global leader in technology-leading products, systems, and services to the construction industry worldwide. Introducing a new tool case is a major event for a construction technology company and its customers, as different generations of tool cases are a symbol for each era and they showcase the brand’s innovative way of thinking. To reflect this, Broadkat decided to bring the emotion of the brand centre-stage.

Creating the right video format for the audience group

The targeted audience is very specific to Hilti. We created a 3D animated video that applies to the heart of the business and resonates with the audience to make an impression that lasts. Using a strong voice over and up- tempo music to showcase the new product and also to invite the audience to proudly look back on the history of this iconic product segment. The end result of our campaign for Hilti was a short format video that directly speaks to the demographic and strengthens the link between the brand and its customers.

Creativity / Data / B2B audience

It is true that we live in a world where digital campaigns are driven by data, and here at Broadkat we make high use of that. Yet audiences still want emotions, and achieving the right balance between the concept and its performance in digital is key. When you get the chance to work with a brand, which shares a story with its customers the way Hilti does, it is important to appeal to this emotional connection in order to strengthen the relationship. Just like with any relationship, right?