Creative Concept & Media Production
SkillsVideo / Media Production

Adapting to an existing format

Delhaize is one of Belgium’s largest food retailers, their main activity being the operation of food supermarket. Delhaize came to Broadkat looking for support in driving awareness and sales on social media using the existing general campaign of “Fruit and vegetables for kids”. The idea behind this campaign is to help parents get their children to eat more fruits and vegetables. It was Broadkat’s job to develop a social media concept to achieve this.

Developing a video strategy

The campaign already had an engaged fan base on social media, attracted to its playful identity. We thus decided to highlight ingredients by incorporating the stop motion technique to our video, similar to the popular “Tasty” channel. This added a dynamic layer that was both true to the brand’s identity and could be used to implement an “always on” strategy for the campaign. The end result is a 14-episode series in which we introduce several healthy recipes. Each video was optimised for both Facebook and Youtube, and every one of them has its own distinct creative direction.

Impact Measurement

After 2 weeks, Broadkat was able to identify the social media campaign as a high performer, driving sales and increasing brand awareness.