Using 6-second ads to drive trafic
SkillsVideo / Media Production

Increasing digital
sales for Samsonite

Samsonite is an American luggage manufacturer and retailer, with products ranging from travel suitcases and business bags to duffels, backpacks and luggage accessories. During the holiday season, Samsonite wanted to increase digital sales for its entire product gamma and asked for our digital services to attract more leads to the e-commerce shop.

Using Youtube within every
step of the tunnel

We knew that a digital campaign targeted for the holidays can be very effective. We decided to create a series of Youtube videos that fit in the holiday spirit of giving. In order to effectively connect with the target audience and influence their buying decisions, we developed a clever tactic to move our target from the consideration phase to the conversion phase. We created a longer skippable video targeted to a specific audience based on their purchasing habits and intent. We then created 6-second bumper ads on Youtube to bring a selected audience to the conversion phase.

An Emotional Connection

The idea behind these videos was to focus on human emotion and to play on the feeling of satisfaction we get when giving a gift to a loved one in the holiday season. We created different video capsules designed for specific target groups, each representing someone from their own target group, or someone they are likely to care about, engaging with the product. For instance, in one of the deliverables we targeted “grand-parents” with a video where we could see a young child’s reaction to receiving a “cars” suitcase, spurring the targeted audience to buy one via the Samsonite web shop.